Fee Schedule

Fees Applicable To All Accounts:
One Time Membership Fee $5.00
Web/Phone/APP Fees $3.00 per month
Dormant Account Fee $5.00
Escheat Fee $5.00
Bad Address Fee $2.00
Wire Transfer Fee (from one financial institution to another) In or Out $30.00
Statement Research $10/hour
Loan Application Fee $5.00
Title Recording Fee $5.00
Share Draft Account Fees:
Drafts Insufficient Funds Fee $35.00 per draft
Stop Payment Order Fee $35.00 per order
Draft Copy Fee $1.00 per copy after first five
Check Printing Fee Prices vary by style
Deposit Item Return Fee $35.00
Debit Card Fees:
Initial Fee $10.00
Monthly Fee $2.00
First Five ATM Transactions Per Month Are Free $2.00 per transaction, after five
Replacement Card $5.00
Christmas Club Accounts Fees:
Early Withdrawal Fee $5.00
ACH Fees:
NSF ACH/Stop Payment $35.00
VISA Credit Card Fees:
Initial Fee $20.00
Late Payment Fee $20.00
Over The Limit Fee $10.00
Replacement Card $5.00
Rush Replacement $20.00